Idea Name

Co-Working Shipping Lane

Idea Description

Sometimes we can't see where we need to go until we start walking. If you've got a project that makes the world a better place and is this close to finishing...let's go.


The shipping lane is for projects that are 95% done and you need a little outside help to get it done. Maybe you need a logo, server space for a small amount of time, help figuring out how to navigate a crowdsourcing site, a fresh set of eyes to look at text, etc. In the shipping lane, we can help each other with the other 5% via gift economy. You can share what you have to help someone else complete a project and someday it will come back to you.


We will clean up after ourselves. We will promote your space.


We will handle registrations and pr for the event.


Need tables, chairs, electricity, wifi, bathrooms.


Verbal Agreement