Idea Name

Pop Up Community Dinner to Benefit Salvation Farms

Idea Description

We would like to help with a community dinner to benefit a local non-profit.


I would like to see a pop up dinner with profits to benefit Salvation Farms. They are a fantastic organization that supports gleaning education and action to benefit food-insecure Vermonts. I would like to find a restaurant that serves local food and would be willing to participate in this. I will handle logistics, promotion, and attendees.


We will get proper permitting from the city. We will pre-sell tickets online and cap attendance at a number we decide works for your space. We will take care of all setup and teardown and leave the place as we found it.


Imagining a 6:30 dinner start time, we would like to be in the space by 4pm. We don't have a preference on night of the week, whatever works for you.


We'll need access to electricity, potable water, adequate counter and service space (food will be prepped offsite ahead of time), bathrooms.


We are fine with a handshake agreement if we both feel comfortable after a site visit. An MOU may also be a good idea.