Idea Name

Pop Up Jazz Club to benefit Big Heavy World

Idea Description

Some great musicians are coming to be the audience at Jazz Fest performaces who haven't met before and are looking for a place to play together for the first time.


We're looking for a restaurant or bar that isn't hosting a performance for Jazz Fest and would be interested in getting in on the action. We would like to offer music to a place that wasn't able to host a jazz fest event.


We will be good space users and entertain your customers. We can provide you with audio samples of our music so you can decide if our music is right for your customers. We will also use social media to promote our performance and your venue!


We're open to timing, just need a place to play!


We need a space for a drum set and an outlet to plug in a speaker (we'll keep the volume at a level you are comfortable with!). There will be 3-4 people in the band. We will pay for our own food and drinks and put out a hat for tips.


Handshake agreement is ok with us. Will sign an MOU if required by venue.