Pop Up Burlington is matchmaking great ideas for making our community better and great spaces that aren't being used to their full potential. Art and music events, community meals, hackathons, social entrepreneurs testing out new ideas for potential businesses...who knows what will pop up? All Pop Up projects come from the community and from the heart. For now, we're playing matchmaker: all submissions will be thoughtfully reviewed and several matches made to unlock great events for everyone to enjoy. Later this summer, you'll be able to start using the Pop Up Burlington site to make your own matches.

Pop Up Burlington is itself a Pop Up: a group of people had a great idea for something they thought would make the community better. Thanks to the Random Hacks of Kindness event sponsored by Small Dog Electronics, and the mad coding skills of Adam Bouchard (Agilion Apps) and Micah Mutrux, supported by Amy Kirschner (VBSR Marketplace), Kyra Kristof (Pollin8r) and Will Szal, we now have a working web app. Amazing community partners include: Burlington Community Economic Development Office, Old North End Arts and Business Network