Pop Up Jazz Club to benefit Big Heavy World
Some great musicians are coming to be the audience at Jazz Fest performaces who haven't met before and are looking for a place to play together for the first time. more info
Pop Up Community Dinner to Benefit Salvation Farms
We would like to help with a community dinner to benefit a local non-profit. more info
Co-Working Shipping Lane
Sometimes we can't see where we need to go until we start walking. If you've got a project that makes the world a better place and is this close to finishing...let's go. more info

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Jun 03
Co-Working Shipping Lane
Co-Working Shipping Lane & Downtown Office Available for Cool Events
June 03, 2012 18:43


College Classrooms available in the North End for Educational Events
We are happy to host events for the public on our new camps.
Hackathons Welcome at Our Green Office!
Our facilities combine comfortable and productive work-spaces with innovative energy solutions, stimulating common areas, and colorful architecture.
Downtown Office Available for Cool Events
Cool Office

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